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Perth Baby Capsules Taxi

Taxi South of the River provides you with baby capsules and child restraints that fully comply with Australian safety standards.

Travelling with infants and toddlers & children can be a challenging experience. When you are booking a taxi, you should make sure that the taxi has a baby seat/capsule. We, at Taxi South of the river, have our cars equipped with the baby seats and you don’t need to worry about anything. We are here to make every ride a pleasant experience for all of our customers. Our professional drivers are trained to pick you up from the airport, load your pushchair or stroller into the car and get your journey underway swiftly. We operate in all over Perth and mainly Southern suburbs and are always happy to accommodate for people travelling with infants, toddlers and children.

We are happy to help, just let us know what type of vehicle your booking will be in so we can ensure a safe ride for all passengers!

Safe and Comfortable Baby Capsule Service by Taxi South of the River

Trust Taxi South of the River for a safe and comfortable baby capsule service in the Kwinana, Mandurah, Armadale, Cockburn, Melville, Rockingham, Fremantle, and Serpentine-Jarrahdale areas. We are committed to providing a reliable and family-friendly transportation solution for you and your child. Contact us to book your baby capsule service or to inquire about our offerings today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A baby capsule is a specially designed car seat for infants and young children that provides a safe and secure seating arrangement in a vehicle.

Yes, Taxi South of the River offers a baby capsule service for the convenience and safety of our passengers traveling with infants and young children.

Absolutely. Our experienced drivers are trained to professionally install baby capsules in our taxis, ensuring they are securely and correctly fitted.

Our baby capsules are suitable for newborns up to toddlers, typically covering infants from birth up to around 5 years of age.

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own baby capsule and our drivers will assist in properly installing it in our taxis.

Yes, there may be an additional charge for the baby capsule service. Please contact our customer service by Email or Direct Call for detailed pricing information.

Yes, you can pre-book a taxi with a baby capsule to ensure its availability for your journey. We recommend booking in advance, especially during peak times.

Yes, the baby capsule can be used for multiple trips within the same day. Please inform our driver if you require the baby capsule for multiple journeys.

Yes, our baby capsule service covers airport transfers, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for you and your little one.

Baby capsules have weight and height limitations specified by the manufacturer. Our drivers will ensure that your child’s size meets the requirements for safe usage.

Yes, we maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene for our baby capsules. They are cleaned and sanitized regularly to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your child.

Yes, we can provide multiple baby capsules if needed. Please mention the requirement when making your booking to ensure availability.

Yes, you can bring a stroller or pram along with the baby capsule. Our drivers will assist you in storing the stroller securely in the taxi.

For safety reasons, our drivers are responsible for installing the baby capsule in the taxi. You can review the installation while our driver is installing it and ask for anything you would like to add. They are trained to ensure proper installation and secure attachment.

If you have a return trip within a short timeframe, you may be able to leave the baby capsule in the taxi. Please confirm this arrangement with the driver.

Our baby capsules are typically rear-facing, as this is the recommended position for maximum safety. However, if you have a specific request, please discuss it with our driver.

To book a taxi with a baby capsule, you can contact our customer service team or use our online booking form. Specify your requirement for a baby capsule during the booking process.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please feel free to reach out to our team. We are here to assist you!

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